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Interactive Digital News Design 2014
28 - 29 April 2014 | M Hotel Singapore
Insightful and Interesting 2 days of high value content!
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We thank all our speakers and delegates for your gracious contributions and inputs in making this an exciting, insightful and thoughtful forum for all. This has been a good success because of your valuable perspectives, willingness to share useful roadmaps and tips for news content strategy and design which have highly benefitted all particiapants. Also, special thanks to our chairpersons (Maria Ressa and Joey Marburger for your excellent faciltation and moderation of the panel discussions).  

"Inform, Engage and Delight Your Audience"


Interactive Digital News Design 2014 focused on various strategies for developing interactive NEWS CONTENT AND DESIGN, across all digital platforms. Today, we have become incredibly “mobile” and “multi-screen” with more than 65% readers worldwide reading news on smartphones, tablets and 'phablets' more so than on print. As you develop your newsbrand offering in this digital age where all things mobile and digital reign, the conference provided the opportunity to learn from experts who had attained success in doing it right, with much trial and experience which they shared with the audience. At this conference, presenters gave the participants the real story behind great vs. good designs that marry good editorial with great reader engagement and user experiences. Also, more eyeballs means more viewers and more brand value ultimately.

Yes, its time to put the 'AWESOMENESS' back into news!
Make storytelling visual, impactful, interactive and centered on user experience.
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Interactive Digital News Design 2014 focused on various strategies for developing interactive NEWS CONTENT AND DESIGN, across all digital platforms. Today, we have become incredibly “mobile” and “multi-screen” with more than 65% readers worldwide reading news on smartphones, tablets and 'phablets' more so than on print. As you perfect your offering in this digital age where all things mobile and digital reign, here is a great opportunity to learn from the experts globally. At this conference, presenters gave the participants the real story behind great vs. good designs that marry good editorial with great reader engagement and user experiences. Also, more eyeballs means more viewers and more brand value ultimately.


Get updated on the latest Trends & Developments
Interactive Digital News Design


From print to digital, PCs to smartphones and tablets, the proliferation of digital devices and changing news consumption habits continue to drive change and construct new opportunities for those in today's digital news industry. You know the platforms, but what about the strategic thinking behind the design? 

Maximize the synergy between design and editorial content that can set your brand apart from the others! Interestingly, and in many successful relaunches, a well thought out news design (with great editorial content) means more interested and engaged readers which equal more eyeballs, and which then equals attracting greater advertising dollars.

Achieve great success with your news pages design strategy. 
  • Maximise Your User Experience
  • Gain Better Readership, Build A More than Respectable Digital Newsbrand
  • Keep Up with the Latest Trends and to Better Meet Your Readers' Reading Needs and Engagement Patterns
  • Stay Abreast in Industry and Competitive as a News Media, and have an Edge in the Marketplace
  • BREAK NEWS on Digital Platforms in the MOST EFFECTIVE ways

Interactive Digital News Design is a must attend niche conference focusing on creating innovative digital news design for today’s mobile readers. It will be the 1st in Asia to concentrate on designing for digital platforms and will cover interactive design strategies, maximizing the user experience and interfaces and leveraging technology to enable better readership and better bottomline performance for the news media organization.

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Exciting Updates on these KEY TOPICS!

Effective use of Infographics | Successful  Tablet Editions | Story Structuring and Layout | Interactive Designs and Brand Value | Mobile Editions and Mobile News Apps | Storytelling with Interactive Tools | News Design Workflows | Data Visualization | Successful Case Studies of Online News Design Relaunches | Award Winning Projects | Case Studies | Social Media and Digital Designs Implications | Successful Front Page Designs

Features of this Conference:

  • Conference will feature INDUSTRY KEYNOTES, CASE STUDIES, INTERACTIVE PANEL DISCUSSIONS, informative presentation sessions, investigative panel discussions on current trends, opportunities, global case studies on successful re-launches and recognized works around the world as the most successful re-designed vernacular sites and digital news which appealed to readers and met their reading patterns. Will feature award winning news designs.
  • It will explore from both the technology viewpoints, as well as strategic thinking and and tactical execution and practicalities (insights and sharing from lessons learnt).
  • There will be a “hands-on” workshop style (very useful) sessions that will brief the audience the “how-to’s” in the digital designs of news pages.
  • Lastly, the conference will explore the future of interactive digital news designs and what the industry can achieve together by sharing knowledge with each other.

Who will benefit from attending?

  • Great value for Design or Art Directors from Media companies (Newspapers and Magazine Designers, Graphic Artists, Digital Designers & Web Designers.
  • Also very relevant for Editorial Teams - Editors, Section Heads & Section Editors, Sub-Editors who look for ways to improve visualization so as to enhance the quality of their digital news offering

Who will you meet?

Professionals from MEDIA COMPANIES

  • Newspapers
  • Online editions of news media agencies
  • Newswires using digital platforms to break news
  • Can include print news media who are either re-launching their online news or re-designing for an upgrade
  • Publishing companies who have online content / news
  • Content producing companies who produce content from sports news, to lifestyle news, to business news reporting etc…

Meet the Stakeholders - Your Colleagues & Peers & maximize your networking at the event!

EDITORIAL - (Editors of Sports, Business, Lifestyle content & news), Digital Editors, Sub-Editors, Head Editors, Graphics Editor, Visual Editor, Chief Copy Editor, Editor – New Platforms, Head of news, Head of Technology Transformation, Digital Development Editor & Social Media Editor

TOP MANAGEMENT - (FromCEOs, MD’s VP’s to Managing Publishers

CREATIVE - (FromCreative Art Directors, Heads of Design Dept to Graphic Designers, Interactive Artists & Web Designers, Chief Copywriters & Infographics Designer

JOURNALISTS / New Producers - (FromDigital/Photo/Data/Visual /Multimedia Journalists to Photographers & News-flow Coordinators and News Produce

MARKETING - (From Ad Sales Directors/Managers, to Subscription Sales & Marketing Heads

TECHNICAL & TECHNOLOGY (From Heads of Technology & Innovation to IT / Technology Directors)





Program featuring Award Winning News Organizations and Experienced Voices of Industry!
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Conference Topics on Industry's Hottest Issues

  • Storytelling and interactive digital news design - Why visuals matter so much in the digital age. Find out more.
  • Tracing the browsing journey & understanding the psychology behind digital reading habits
  • Latest trends and developments on digital news design around the world
  • Designs & ROIs, get the full picture
  • The effective use of Infographics in visual journalism - Behind the scenes on the use of infographics
  • News apps design - Designing newspaper and magazine editions for tablets - Outlining the success factors in the design process, transiting from print to online and storytelling at its best. Insights on a roadmap to a successful tablet edition of news
  • How social media impacts digital news design
  • How to leverage the use of infographics in telling stories to digital readers utilizing the most intelligent and high quality visual graphics.
  • Visual designs & enhancing brand value
  • Case studies on GREAT vs. GOOD designs showcasing: 
  • * Redesigned and re-launched projects 
  • * Award winning works 
  • * Vernacular news-sites & tablet designs 
  • * Digital news designs for sports, lifestyle, elections campaigns 
  • * The difference between good vs. great digital news design 
  • * Case studies of visual designs illustrating the bad, the good and the best designs. 
  • * What it means to have good vs. great designs? Where are the fault lines?
  • iPads design and interactions, useful functions and layouts for maximum viewer engagements
  • Breaking news with Interactive designs, the most important key trends
  • Designing for readers of different profiles and demographics on digital platforms
  • Know the important points to consider in the process of production. Different platform means different experience. So as designer, how do you make the transition from print to digital?
  • Successful front page digital designs
  • Avoiding errors under pressure
  • Strategies and resource planning before embarking on a major re-design, re-launch project
  • The leadership that is required for a successful strategy and rollout of the design department in the overall strategic move




Keynote Address by
Haika Hinze, Art Director, DIE ZEIT
"Storytelling and Interactive Digital News Design -
Why Visuals Matter So Much in the Digital Age?"
Haika Hinze Web edited 5

Strategy Presentation by
Joey Marburger, Director of Digital Products & Design, THE WASHINGTON POST
"Designing Tablet Design"
Joey Macburger Web2

Case Studies by
Jon Hill, Design Editor, THE TIMES OF LONDON
       Day 1 - Presentation #1 "How Times created across platforms successfully"
       Day 2 - Presentation #2 "Covering the Olympics & Royal Weddings"
Jon Hill Web 3

Day 2 Keynote Address by
Rickard Frank, Head of Design, DAGENS NYHETER
"Story & Design - Its all about mixture.
A case study of a brand under reconstruction in a digital world"
Rickard Frank Web 5

Case Study by
Anup Gupta, Group Creative Director, HINDUSTAN TIMES
"Changing readership and changes made at the Hindustan Times
in catering to the new reader"
Anup Gupta Web 
Case Study of BBC News by 
Mark Bryson, Creative Director, Visual Journalism, BBC NEWS
"Successful Use of Infographics in Visual Journalism - A Look behind the Scenes" 
Mark Bryson Web

 Business Side of Things Presentation by 
Audra Martin, Vice President - Digital Advertising, THE ECONOMIST
"Use of Native Advertising and Content Marketing"
Audra Martin Web 3

Case Study Presentations by 
Michael Workman, Digital Design Director, THE BOSTON GLOBE
Presentation #1 - "How the Globe told the Story of the Boston Marathon from Front Page to Digital Platforms with Innovative data visualization, Crowdsourcing & Amazing Photography & Design"
Presentation #2 - "Leadership Matters! Leadership that is Required in a Successful Strategy and Rollout for Re-design and Re-launch Projects"
Michael Workman Web 5

Case Study Presentation by 
Renda Morton, Lead Designer, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Re-designing NYTIMES.COM"
Renda Morton Web

Social Media Presentation by
Maria Ressa, CEO & Executive Editor, RAPPLER
"Social Media, Crowdsourcing and Big Data"
Maria Ressa Web 5

Case Study Presentation by
Joshua Wilwohl, Online Editor, THE CAMBODIA DAILY
"Case Study of The Daily, Transition from Print to Online"
Joshua Wilwohl Web 5


Panel Discussions on both days with many exciting and interesting issues covered 

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ZeitLogo 182x30rev

Haika Hinze, Art Director, DIE ZEIT

Haika Hinze is the art director of the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT, one of Germany's most successful broadsheets. It has a high circulation and an outstanding award winning design. In 2013 DIE ZEIT has won more than three premium design prizes such as the "World's Best-Designed" award from the Society for News Design/USA. Haika Hinze has been working for DIE ZEIT since 1997. In 1998 she assisted the relaunch by Mario Garcia and started her career in several design divisions of the house. Since 2005 she is responsible for the look of the newspaper and its ipad issue.


Joey Marburger 130x189b


thewashingtonpost rev2  
Joey Marburger, Director of Digital Products and Design,
Joey Marburger is the Director of Digital Products and Design at The Washington Post in Washington, DC. Before joining The Post in 2010, he was the Senior Web Developer/Designer at Gannett Co. and prior to that the Online Editor for The Indianapolis Star. He studied Digital Communication and Computer Science at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. where he also worked for The Exponent, Purdue's independent student newspaper. Besides work, he spends his time with his lovely wife Cas and their two Labrador retrievers Walt and Porter in Northeast DC.

Rickard Frank 130x180b 


Rickard Frank, Head of Design, DAGENS NYHETER 
Rickard Frank started his own design studio in Sweden 2005 and made over 50 redesigns in five years. In 2010 he became editor-in-chief of Trelleborg Allehanda, Sweden's southernmost newspaper. Since 2011 he is head of design at Sweden's largest morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter, which recently was named World's Best DesignedRickard is a specialist in structural design and developing editorial environments and workflows.

mark bryson131x180b 


Mark Bryson, Creative Director, Visual Journalism, BBC NEWS
Mark Bryson is a Designer specialising in information graphics, data applications and motion graphics for digital media.He has over 14 years experience as an Editorial and User Experience Designer.During this time Mark has performed in a variety of roles from Designer to Creative Director.
Mark is currently leading the BBC News visual journalism design team, creating infographics and user experiences for digital platforms.
Mark has won many awards for his designs, and for work as part of a team, the awards include:
• Society of News Design: numerous Bronze,Silver, and Gold awards, and the highest accolade – the Peter Sullivan best in show (the first time ever awarded to online entry)
• BAFTA Interactive Entertainment Awards
• Webby Awards
• ONA Online Journalism Awards
• .net Awards
• Prix Ars Elctronica Awards
Speaking & Judging
Mark has given lectures and judged at conferences around the world such as:
• The Society of News Design’s Malofiej World Summit in Spain.
• The IC Infographics Conference in Holland.

AudraMartin 130x179b



Audra Martin, Vice President, Digital Advertising, THE ECONOMIST 

Audra Martin is a vice president at The Economist Group, responsible for direction and delivery of the The Economist’s global digital advertising offering. Audra has over fifteen years of experience in publishing across a number of roles including product development, user experience, audience engagement, and change management, including experience at The New York Times and Hoover's Inc, a D&B company.


Michael Workman 130x179b


globe-logo webrev2a

Michael Workman, Digital Design Director, THE BOSTON GLOBE 

Michael Workman oversees the design and user experience of The Boston Globe's digital products and leads a team of data visualization programmers who work in the Globe newsroom. He joined the Globe after 14 years as a print and online designer at The Baltimore Sun, where his work was recognized by the Society for News Design.


rendamorton 130x180b


NYTimeslogo WEB4a

Renda Morton, Lead Designer, THE NEW YORK TIMES

Renda Morton is a product design lead at The New York Times, where she worked to create the recently launched redesign of NYTimes.com.

Previously, Renda founded a small, multi-disciplinary design studio called Rumors, where she designed Upworthy, Rookie, Forbes and Talking Points Memo. Renda began her career 10 years ago, working on physical interactive media and exhibitions at Lust in The Hague, The Netherlands. Renda has a BFA in Interactive Media from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She lives in Brooklyn.


jon hill-3 web
Laura Cantadori
Times of London200x100b
Jon HillDesign Editor, THE TIMES OF LONDON

Jon Hill has been Design Editor of The Times in London for the past seven years, during which time he redesigned the compact paper, directed the launch of the tablet edition and led a design team which has won numerous awards for magazine, newspaper, information and digital design.

Prior to the Times, Jon was an editorial design consultant working on magazine and newspaper redesigns across Europe.


Maria Ressa3a
Maria Ressa, CEO & Executive Editor, RAPPLER
Maria A. Ressa is the CEO and Executive Editor of Rappler, a social news network which uses a hearts and minds approach to news through a unique mood navigator. Rappler combines the best of professional journalism with citizen journalism and crowdsourcing. 
Ms. Ressa has been a journalist in Asia for more than 25 years, most of them as CNN’s bureau chief in Manila (1987-1995) then Jakarta (1995-2005).
She was CNN’s lead investigative reporter focusing on terrorism in Southeast Asia and wrote “Seeds of Terror: An Eyewitness Account of al-Qaeda’s Newest Center of Operations in Southeast Asia” (Free Press, 2003).
In 2005, she took the helm of ABS-CBN News and Current affairs, for six years determining strategic direction and managing more than 1,000 journalists for the largest multi-platform news operation in the Philippines. Her work aimed to redefine journalism by combining traditional broadcast, new media and mobile phone technology for social change. She taught for her alma mater, Princeton University and for the University of the Philippines. She worked on her second book, “From Bin Laden to Facebook” as Author-in-Residence and Senior Fellow at the International Centre for Political Violence & Terrorism Research in Singapore.

Anup Gupta, Group Creative Director, HINDUSTAN TIMES

Anup Gupta started his career in 1982 as a trainee at India Today, a leading newsmagazine in India. Since then he has designed and redesigned numerous magazines, newspapers, books and websites. 

For the past six years Anup has been working with HT Media Ltd, a news corporation that publishes Hindustan Times, Hindustan and Mint, as their Group Creative Director. In his current assignment, besides providing creative direction to the HT Media groups’ publishing initiatives, Anup is also part of the core team that is driving the newsroom integration at Hindustan Times and the digitization of the group’s archives, both content and images.



Joshua Wilwohl, Online Editor, THE CAMBODIA DAILY 
Wilwohl is the online editor at Cambodia’s oldest English-language daily newspaper, The Cambodia Daily, where he helped create and launch The Daily’s first website as well as its Khmer edition. 
Based in Phnom Penh, he leads the newspaper’s web team, managing daily updates, social media, mobile operations, digital subscriptions and a digital archive project. He also writes articles alongside local Cambodian reporters. In addition to The Daily, he lectures about digital media and ethics at Pannasastra University of Cambodia. 
He is the author of “All the News that Fits in Your Pocket,” an eBook about technology’s disruption of the news industry and the emergence of mobile journalism. He has given talks on digital and mobile media at Columbia Scholastic Press Association, Columbia University, Princeton University, Seton Hall University, Caldwell College, Montclair State University and William Paterson University. Before The Daily, he worked as an editor and reporter at Patch.com in Newark, N.J.; as an editor and writer at New Jersey Local News Service, part of The Star-Ledger Special Sections; as a copy editor at The New Jersey Herald; and as an intern at The Erie Times-News and The Citizen in Pittsburgh. He has a master’s degree in emergency and disaster management from Metropolitan College in New York City and a bachelor’s degree in art history and journalism from Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pa.


For more information on speaking, please email us at isaac @ asher-russell. com



28-29 April 2014 (m Hotel, Singapore)


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A place where contemporary chic meets stylish sophistication, M Hotel Singapore offers a unique urban getaway amidst the vibrant ambience of this lively city. Right in the heart of the dynamic Financial District, and within easy reach of the Marina Bay Financial Centre, Clarke Quay and Orchard Road, our centrally located Singapore city hotel is the perfect venue in which to mix business and pleasure.

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2 days of inspiring speakers and insightful presentations

The event presented a great opportunity for many meaningful networking exchanges and connecting with othet professionals working in the digital and online news domain. There was much buzz and excitement and forging of new relationships and new found friends facing similar opportunities and issues. As the industry grows and moves further towards excellencies in the digital news design and content strategies, we look forward to gathering the best minds and best experiences around the world for the latest and newest updates and developments in the field next year.

Networking luncheon and tea breaks and continuing the conversations beyond the formal.

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Interactive Digital News Design 2014 Rating: 5.0 out of 5
Review By: Asher Russell Pte Ltd
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