The verdict is out: Native advertising is here to stay. 
This highly successful event featuring a power-packed panel of presenters and in-depth conference program clearly indicated that native ad is set to be the future model and format of digital advertising.  
It was an inspiring, interesting and impactful 2 days of insightful discussions on the way forward for native advertising and the opportunities for each industry stakeholder. 
Every speaker brought new and fresh understanding and perspectives on the industry's hottest model of digital advertising, and presented many case studies and projects they have worked on. From editorial content, content marketing to powerful use of social video stories and Twitter moments that build the connections with audiences, native advertising has found its place within these platforms.
finalized speaker
The keyline for successful native advertising is this - You can win with timeliness, relevance, authencity, engagement and consistency.     
Summed up by James Neufeld, the summit chairman, "Experiment, and understand your value proposition, and then find new ways to create the opportunities".

About this Event:
This is Asia’s 1st and most exciting and informative summit dedicated to discussing this hottest trend and most promising digital advertising format with a promising value proposition for stakeholders in the ecosystem - from brands and advertisers, to online publishers, broadcasters, content owners, video & content distributors, social media advertisers, mobile marketers and mobile advertisers. 
There has been an increasing growth of native advertising since 2013 and it is gaining even greater traction this year. While it is still in the early stages, the market potential is huge. It is predicted to be the predominant form of advertising by 2025. Here's why:

♦ Consumers looked at native ads 52% more frequently than banner ads
♦ 32% of audience (industry poll) will share content in a native ad with a friend versus 19% for banner ads (Source: Sharethrough)
♦ 70% want to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising  

♦ Native social advertising revenues will grow from $1.6 billion to $4.6 billion in 2017
♦ 34% of publishers say they are likely or very likely to add a native advertising option to their menus (Source: Solve Media)

♦ 61% of advertisers validated the importance of a native look and feel for their ads rather than a standard ad placement”. (Source: Forbes Insights)
♦ Native ads generated 82% brand lift among viewers. (Source: Sharethrough via Nielsen)
♦ 32% of CMOs say they have bought or are planning to buy native video advertising in the next six months
♦ Promoted Tweets have a reported higher click-through rate of between 1% and 3% than the standard banner click-through rate (less than .05%). (Source: AdAge)

“When it comes to native advertising, brands have the potential to really get their stories across to wide audiences. It’s a much more natural form of advertising, of blending content with ad”

Brands must be innovative if they want to be noticed in a cluttered internet world,
 and that’s where native advertising fulfils the gap between editorial and advertising to bring valuable experiences and highly relevant content to consumers. We need to experiment with a bolder and more conscious approach – fact is, people want brands to add value to experiences rather than detract from them. It's time to craft better experiences for our prospects & consumers. Studies now show that consumers are more receptive to, and more inclined to share, native advertising content.

If you are a publisher, brand or advertiser, or provide a social platform or technology or mobile ads and marketing, then this summit is for you! Audiences want relevant content - Can you provide content that will attract and captivate your audience? People want to share these information. Perhaps this is the best way forward in your getting your brand story recognized. Get the latest insights from this 2 day summit!

Watch out for our 2015 program! Get ready for more action and excitement!




Conference dates and venue: 14 - 15 October 2014 (Singapore, Suntec Convention Centre)


Native Advertising Summit 2014 will expound on the many pivotal issues and provide fresh insights on the new opportunities being presented to Online Publishers, Multi-Platform Content Distributors and Broadcasters, Video Content Providers, Advertisers and Brands as well as stakeholders in mobile advertising and marketing, social media and technology platforms.
Digital Publishers & Online Broadcasters, Content Owners and Video Content Players - look to native ads to provide the opportunity to monetize their vast editorial content, and publishing premium content that resonate with audience on valuable topics of great relevance to them presenting a great leverage as well to advertisers whose brands fit in the context of the content. A recent OPA (Online Publishers Association) report found about 75% of publishers now offer native ad opportunities. As Content Owners, Publishers, Video Content Owners, Broadcasters, Brands & Advertisers collaborate to provide premium content to readers, the end result is a successful collaboration with enhanced journalism work that will captivate the attention and interest of consumers, and building a strong brand relationship with a tangible brand lift. Get in on the action early, learn from the forerunners!


(Source: Altimeter 2013)

Social Media Networks Offering Native Advertising Products include: 

| Facebook | Foursquare | Linkedin | Reddit |Spotify | Stumbleupon | Trip Advisor | Tumblr | Twitter | Viddy | YouTube

Social media networks help pave the way for native advertising campaign distributions and enhance the brand educating by way of training brands and advertisers on optimizing these social media marketing tools. Brands look at ways to scale their campaigns and maintain focus on the content relevance factor to their audiences. As brand storytellers make content most relevant to their audience, so that it goes "natively well" into the platforms offered by publishers and technology & soial media platoforms. If content isn't string enough, it will not work.

Native Advertising Summit 2014 will feature presentations, case studies and panel discussions to provide you the key handles and success factors, from content strategy, brand story strategic approach, content portability, to technology, collaboration, scalability and measurement of native ad campaigns.

Program Agenda will discuss and cover these exciting issues:

--- Why native advertising? The new opportunities that are open and possible on consumer platforms
--- Trends and developments in industry. What are some of the early successes of native advertising campaigns?
--- What is the true value proposition to online publishers, multi-screen broadcasters, premium content owners & video content owners (content-rich owners)
--- What's it in for brands and advertisers, ad agencies, digital agencies, mobile advertisers & marketers, social advertisers, social media enablers, and technology providers?
--- Golden question: How native ad can fit in with your business model
--- Paid social platforms, in-app native ads, in-app videos: making sense of these 
--- Driving value in the native ad market - who will take lead and control?
--- Brands and Newsrooms: native ads and brand lift
--- Brands as content creators
--- Native advertising on TV 
--- Pivotal issues of human factors and scalability as a business model
--- Good and bad practices of Native Advertising
--- Strategies and approaches for brands, publishers, broadcasters, advertisers and ad agencies 
--- Quality controls = addressing concerns on editorial quality
--- Are we getting a positive return on the dollars being spent on native advertising?  
--- Role & centrality of brand storytelling in native ads
--- Key ingredients for native ad products
--- When it is native advertising and when is it not?
--- How do you label sponsored content? 
--- Content marketing vs. native advertising
--- What brands are doing well on native ads?
--- Keys to building powerful lifestyle stories 
--- Pricing native advertising campaigns
--- Using data and stats in native ad campaigns
--- Regulate or self regulate? What are the current guidelines?
--- Can native advertising and programmatic ad buys co-exist?
--- Scaling strategies, RTB and real time optimization
--- Avoiding the risks in native ads campaigns
--- Regulating native ads - who and how?
--- Editorial work vs creative ad content - separate or fuse the functions?
--- Blending content and strategy
--- Talents needed for building up the Native Ad function
--- Measuring native ads and the metrics that should be used 
--- Native Advertising: content and context on Mobile
--- Mobile 1st approach for native ads
--- Collaborations in the ecosystem 
--- Managing native ads in practice
--- What does native ads mean for Social Media Managers?
--- Choosing the right technology for native ad platforms 

Attend this 2 day summit and get the latest insights, fresh perspectives, and valuable handles on this new format enabled by technology and with content as its central delivery to captivate a targeted audience. Listen to the industry's leading experts as they deliberate on the key issues presented in the Keynotes, Presentation Sessions, Case Studies & Panel Discussions.... 


To attend or speak in the event, please contact us at russell@asher-russell.com for more details.







Day One (14 October 2014) - Tuesday
7:50 AM – 8:50 AM
Registration & morning coffee at pre-foyer
Start of Conference
8:50 AM – 9:00 AM
Welcome to all speakers, sponsors, delegates and partners
9:00 AM – 9:10 AM
Chairman’s welcome address: 
Setting the scene in a content marketing world - Establishing a framework for native advertising as the future model for digital advertising. Some key predictions & a look at the current state of industry
James Neufeld, Founder & CEO, SAM
9:10 AM – 9:50 AM
Keynote Address One: 
Native Advertising - Content and context on mobile
Mark Howard, Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes Media
9:50 AM – 10:30 AM
Keynote Address Two: 
The power of real-time marketing
Parry Singh, Managing Director, SEA, India & MENA, Twitter   
10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Morning refreshments & networking
11:00 AM – 11:45 AM
Keynote Panel: Reviewing the fundamental issues in native ads:
-  How should publishers & broadcasters offer native ads?
- How do you see broadcasters, premium content and video owners getting into native ads?
- Maintaining your brand integrity and success as a news brand while offering native ads
- What do you think are the true driving force and potential of native ads?
- What are the key ingredients for a successful native ad product in your opinion? 
- Are native ads better for the bigger brands only? 
- What kind of brands or businesses would stand to benefit the most from native ad campaigns?
- What some of the most effective ways to implement native ads in the short term?
- Would a "native ads only" be a good strategy?
- Views on how consumers perceive in-feed native ads at publishers, broadcasters & content owners sites
- How can brands make native ads that feel more "natural" to consumers?
- What are consumers actually looking when viewing native ads?
- How do you best create the native experience?
- What would you do to increase engagement with your native ads?
- How do you price native ads? Explain how data helps us with this
- Would you say that native advertising is the future of advertising for brands? 
- Mark Howard, Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes Media
- Keith Hernandez, VP of Global Advertising, Buzzfeed
- Parry Singh, Managing Director, SEA, India & MENA, Twitter
Chairman & Moderator:
- James Neufeld, Founder & CEO, SAM
11:45 AM – 12:20 PM - Sponsored Session by Mirriad
Native in video advertising strategy - Reinventing the video experience for native campaigns
Co-presented by:
- Michael Rees, Vice President - APAC, Mirriad
- Matt Wilkinson, Head of Brands, Mirriad
12:20 PM – 1:30 PM
Networking buffet lunch
1:30 PM – 2:15 PM
Marketplace address – What brands are doing well on native ads?
Keith Hernandez, VP of Global Advertising, Buzzfeed
2:15 PM – 3:00 PM
How to think about your native product (from visual demarcation, shading vs. colour, to font choices) and how each of these decisions can affect success
Lindsay Nelson, VP of Integrated Programs, Slate Custom

3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
8 obstacles you need to overcome to make native advertising work
Co-presented by:
- Mo Chung, GM - Digital Sales, Next Mobile, Next Media
- Carl Craig Cheung, Associate Creative Director, Apple Daily, Next Media

3:45 PM – 4:00 PM
Afternoon break and networking
4:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Native Advertising: Potential, opportunities and pitfalls
Vishnu Mohan, CEO, Havas Media Group Asia Pacific
4:30 PM – 5:00 PM - Sponsored Session by Cxense
Case study: Using audience data to power the ultimate native ad campaign
Motoko Imada, CEO, Mediagene, Japan
5:00 PM – 5:10 PM
Crossing the digital divide: The last mile
Vikas Kakkar, Head - International Sales Strategy, Knowlarity
5:10 PM – 5:45 PM
Panel Discussion Issues and Topics:
- Editorial vs. advertorial in practice
- Business model
- Risks
- Banner ads
- How to effectively label sponsored content?
- Returns & ROI
- Measuring native ads
- Regulation
- Scaling
- Future
- Adam Ostrow, Chief Strategy Officer, Mashable
- Keith Hernandez, VP of Global Advertising, Buzzfeed
- Alan Soon, Country Manager, Yahoo! Singapore, Head of Audience & Managing Editor, Yahoo! South East Asia
- Jason Scott, CEO, Allure Media (Australian publisher of Business Insider)
- Lindsay Nelson, VP of Integrated Programs, Slate Custom
Chairman & Moderator:
- James Neufeld, Founder & CEO, SAM 
5:45 PM – 5:50 PM
Chairman’s summary and key thoughts for day one
5:50 PM – 6:00 PM
Closing and housekeeping notes
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM - Sponsored by Mynewsdesk
Casual Drinks Cocktail Reception Session - RSVP required. Join us! Evening Talk Show: What makes a good story? Hear from our panel of journalists from Yahoo!, e27 and Forbes.
7:30 PM - Goodnight and see you in the morming.

Day Two (15 October 2014) - Wednesday
8:15 AM – 9:10 AM
Morning coffee at pre-foyer
Start of Day 2
9:10 AM – 9:15 AM
Welcome to Day 2
Brief overview and what is on for today
9:15 AM – 9:30 AM
Chairman’s morning address:
Key ingredients for a successful native ad product
James Neufeld, Founder & CEO, SAM
9:30 AM – 10:15 AM
Keynote Address One:
Immersive editorial with social content
Adam Ostrow, Chief Strategy Officer, Mashable
10:15 AM – 10:45 AM
Keynote Address Two:
The future of native advertising
Nitin Mathur, Senior Director, Marketing, Yahoo APAC
10:45 AM – 11:15 AM
Morning refreshments and networking
11:15 AM – 12:00 PM
Native advertising for the C-suite audience
Joy Robins, Vice President Advertising & Strategy, Quartz (Publisher of Atlantic Media)
12:00 PM – 12:30 PM - Sponsored Session by InMobi
Case study: Best practices in native Implementation for revenue maximisation
Jayesh EasWaramony, Vice President & General Manager, APAC, Middle East and Africa, InMobi
12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
Networking buffet lunch
1:45 PM – 2:30 PM
Native advertising in relation to brand lift & social lift for brands
Jason Scott, CEO, Allure Media (Australian Publisher of Business Insider)
2:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Social media and native advertising
Chris Wee, Head of Strategy Rev Asia 
3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
Case Study by Coconuts Media in Asia - Ways we are implementing sponsored content
Part 1 - The engagement economy: the page view is dead. In a post page view world, how do you demonstrate ROI to marketers on native ad campaigns?
Part 2 -  Keeping it real. Maintaining your unique idenity and style as a media outlet while performin sponsored content is crucial to not only the success of that campaign, but also your success as a publisher 
Byron Perry, Founder, Coconuts Media
3:45 PM – 4:15 PM
Afternoon break and networking
4:15 PM – 4:50 PM
Panel Discussion Issues and Topics:
- Social as part of native ad vs ad on social
- Leveraging mobile social media
- Key issues to address to make the technology & platforms work for you
- Collaboration amongst publisher, brands, advertisers, technology & social media
- Getting it right - the right blend and good mix of social media platforms, TV and online video. Costs of native ads.
- Vishnu Mohan, CEO, Havas Media Group Asia Pacific
- Byron Perry, Founder, Coconuts Media
- Joy Robins, Vice President Advertising & Strategy, Quartz
- Charles Ho, Senior VP and GM Asia Pacific, Cxense
Chairman & Moderator:
- James Neufeld, Founder & CEO, SAM
4:50 PM – 4:55 PM
Chairman’s summary and key thoughts for day two
4:55 PM – 5:00 PM
Close of day two and end of conference
(Thank you everyone! See you next year)


*Program is accurate at time of update / publishing. Some slight changes or adjustments may be expected.
Organizer reserves all rights to make changes to program details. 




Day One Keynote Speaker 1
Mark Howard, Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes
Day One Keynote Speaker 2
Parry Singh, Managing Director, SEA, India, MENA, Twitter
Keynote Panelists from Forbes, Twitter, Buzzfed, Quartz & SAM
Session Sponsor Speakers:
Michael Rees, Vice President, APAC, Mirriad
Matt Wilkinson, Head of Brands, Mirriad
Day One Marketplace Keynote Speaker
Keith Hernandez, VP of Global Advertising, Buzzfeed
Case Study by:
Lindsay Nelson, VP of Integrated Programs, Slate Custom

Case Study by:
Mo Chung, GM Digital Sales, Next Mobile, Next Media
Carl Craig Cheung, Associate Creative Director, Apple Daily, Next Media

Vishnu Mohan, CEO, Havas Media Group Asia Pacific


Session Sponsor Speaker
Motoko Imada, CEO, Mediagene Japan


Technology Session Sponsor Speaker:
Vikas Kakkar, Head of International Sales Strategy, Knowlarity

Day One Industry Panel Discussion:
Panelists from Yahoo, Buzzfeed, Slate, Allure Media, Mashable & SAM 
Chairman and Panel Moderator:
James Neufeld, CEO and Founder, SAM
Day Two Keynote Address Speaker:
Adam Ostrow, Chief Strategy Officer, Mashable



Case Study by:
Byron Perry, Founder, Coconuts Media

Joy Robins, VP Advertising and Strategy, Quartz

Session Sponsor Speaker:
Jayesh Easwaramony, VP and GM, APAC, Middle East and Africa, Inmobi

Jason Scott, CEO, Allure Media


Chris Wee, Head of Strategy, Rev Asia
Day Two Industry Panel Discussion: Panelists from Cxense, Rev Asia, Next Media, Coconuts Media


Keynote Speaker 1

Mark Howard200x300final    
Mark Howard
Chief Revenue Officer
Forbes Media

Mark Howard is Chief Revenue Officer at Forbes Media.  In this role, he is responsible for the U.S. and European digital and print sales organization, marketing and advertising solutions.  Previously, he was SVP of Digital Advertising Strategy.
Mr. Howard also held the position of SVP and VP of Digital Advertising Sales for Forbes Media, overseeing the global sales team in its online sales efforts as well leading the Western Region team in its integrated sales efforts.  He was also charged with developing the corporate digital sales strategy, which included new product development, the creation and development of audience segmentation programs and strategic planning.  
Mr. Howard joined Forbes Media as a Regional Sales Manager in 2002.  During his time at Forbes, he has also served as West Coast Digital Sales Director and Western Region Director of Integrated Sales. 
Prior to joining Forbes Media, Mr. Howard held sales positions at Inc. and Fast Company magazines, as well as E-Trade Financial.  He began his career as a media planner at Anderson & Lembke.  He is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing.  He resides in New York City.  





Keynote Speaker 2

Parminder (Parry) Singh
Managing Director, SEA, India, MENA

Parry is responsible for building Twitter's business in countries experiencing dramatic user growth. He is also driving the next stage of revenue growth in the Middle East, and exploring commercial opportunity for Twitter in India. Before joining Twitter, Parry spent six years with at Google in India and Singapore. Most recently, he served as Managing Director, APAC for Google's display business, where he was responsible for driving the growth of the Google Display Network in the region. Earlier, he worked at IBM India, including as head of marketing for hardware division and as head of sales and marketing.Parry is a physics graduate from Delhi University and holds an M.B.A. in marketing from University Business School in Chandigarh. He is @parrysingh on Twitter. 

Marketplace Address Speaker

Keith Hernandez
VP of Global Advertising

Keith Hernandez is the VP of Global Advertising at BuzzFeed. In this role, he leads revenue efforts and global expansion, focusing on Fortune 500 brands and top agencies. 
In 2013, he opened up sales operations in Canada and the United Kingdom, while also educating agencies on the BuzzFeed platform. A veteran of Microsoft, blip, Vevo and The Onion, Keith is passionate about blending creative strategy and custom content to give brands a great social voice. His sales start came at The Onion in 2005, where he sold local print advertising in NYC. Keith is a graduate of Miami University (Ohio) with a BA in creative writing. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife Abbie.    





Day 2 Keynote Address 1

Adam Ostrow
Chief Strategy Officer

Adam Ostrow is the Chief Strategy Officer at Mashable, a role in which he is responsible for defining and implementing strategic initiatives across the organization. 

Adam joined Mashable as its second employee and Editor in Chief in 2007, a role in which he directed day-to-day news coverage, authored more than 2,500 articles and built the editorial staff from 3 to 25 employees. During his tenure as Editor in Chief, the site’s audience grew more than tenfold. Since moving into an executive position in 2011, Adam has led the development of Mashable's video program, publisher platform, branded content offerings, international expansion, and its licensing and distribution strategy. 

Adam has been frequently quoted by numerous major media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, AdAge, The Washington Post and USA Today, among many others. Adam is also a highly sought after speaker and has made presentations at TED Global, Cannes Lions, CES, SXSW Interactive, Advertising Week, Digitas NewFront and Guardian Changing Advertising Summit. He's also spoken at events for corporations including Coca Cola, Disney, Verizon, American Express, Nike, Gillette, McGraw Hill, Yahoo, PepsiCo, Hewlett Packard and BMW.

His TED Talk “After Your Final Status Update” has been viewed more than 750,000 times as of July, 2012. Adam is a graduate of the University of Maryland, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Day 2 Keynote Address 2

Nitin 200x300b    
Yahoo logo 
Nitin Mathur
Senior Director, Marketing
Yahoo APAC

Nitin is a senior marketing professional with over 17 years of experience in building brands across diverse sectors - aviation, media, technology consulting and Internet. In his current role, Nitin leads overall marketing for Yahoo’s key growth markets - India & South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines & Indonesia). As a part of Yahoo’s regional leadership team, he is responsible for directing all brand, consumer, mobile, B2B marketing efforts across the region.Prior to joining Yahoo, Nitin was Director of Marketing at Sapient (NASDAQ: SAPE), a global technology and interactive marketing consulting firm. As a member of Sapient’s marketing leadership team, he was primarily responsible for developing marketing strategy and programs to enhance brand leadership and drive revenues. He also managed the CRM and analytics functions globally.
Before Sapient, Nitin was a Product Manager at Times Internet Limited (www.indiatimes.com), part of Times of India group where he played a key role in launching and growing Indiatimes e-commerce business. During the height of the Internet boom in India, Nitin had a short stint with Indiainfo.com, a leading Indian portal as Business Manager for Alliances. He started his career at Sahara Group, as a member of the Chairman’s office, responsible for marketing and communications for group’s airline business. Nitin holds a Bachelors degree in Statistics & Economics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management.

Case Studies & Session Speakers      

Vishnu Mohan
Havas Media Group, Asia Pacific

Vishnu took up the responsibility of setting up the media network from scratch for Havas Group in Asia in 2005. The youngest international network has continued to grow aggressively under his watch through new business momentum and geographical expansion. Today as the CEO of Havas Media Group Asia Pacific, he oversees offices in 17 countries in the region, spanning across 25 cities.
Vishnu’s leadership, with a focus on “creating meaningful connections for brands” has played a critical role in steering Havas Media Group in Asia Pacific to its current leadership position. The agency has not only developed a reputation for its challenger mindset but its performance has been exceptional in key markets in APAC. 
Having spent 20 years in the industry, Vishnu has worked across account management, strategic planning and agency management roles at creative and media agencies in India, China, Singapore and United Kingdom. Starting his advertising career with Y&R in India, where he looked after the Colgate Palmolive business, he moved to Euro RSCG (now Havas Worldwide) Singapore in 1995. Under his stewardship, Euro RSCG grew to be one of the most successfully integrated 360 agencies winning the Agency of the Year at the very first Effies in Singapore. 
Currently based in Singapore, Vishnu is a regular speaker at industry events like Ad Tech, Festival of Media Asia, Asia Pacific Media Forum and E4M Media Conclave.   . 
He has been invited to sit on the jury of top global and regional advertising awards including Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia and Asia Media Effectiveness awards. He has been interviewed by broadcast networks BBC News, NDTV Profit, CNBC-TV 18, CBS-ABN to name a few. As a board member of the Mobile Marketing Forum (Asia Chapter), Vishnu is at the forefront of mobile marketing advocacy in the region. 
An alumni of IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A), he is an ardent believer of the co-existence of "innovation" and "accountability" and his driving force is his version of ROI - Return on Innovation.

Jason Scott
Allure Media
Publishing Australian versions of 
| Business Insider | Gawker | POPSUGAR | ShopStyle networks 

Jason is the CEO of Allure Media, one of Australia’s fastest-growing top 10 digital publishers.  Allure Media publishes the Australian versions of world-leading websites from the Gawker, POPSUGAR and ShopStyle networks and Business Insider.
Previously at Microsoft Advertising, Jason held various roles globally, including GM of Global Agencies and most recently, GM of ASIA. Prior to joining the publishing side, he spent ten years in advertising agencies in London, Singapore and Sydney.





Joy Robins
VP of Advertising & Strategy

Joy Robins is Vice President of advertising and strategy at Quartz (qz.com), the digitally native business new site launched by Atlantic Media in 2012.  
After beginning her career on the ad agency side, Joy entered the sales side of the business via The Weather Channel, later joining the BBC to launch their TV and digital sales efforts in the US. There, she led a national ad sales team that grew the BBC’s domestic digital business into a multi-million dollar division. 
In her current role, Joy is responsible for ad revenue, sales support and ad operations at Quartz.  

Lindsay Nelson
VP of Integrated Programs

Lindsay Nelson is the Vice President of Integrated Programs and founder of SlateCustom, the award winning in-house branded content creative agency within Slate Magazine. In this role she oversees native product strategy, new business development and creative and editorial direction for digital and experiential programs for some of the world’s largest brands. In less than 3 years, her department now captures over 60% of revenue and led the largest single digital advertising program within the [former] Washington Post Company, Roadshow for Growth in partnership with GE Capital. Under her direction, SlateCustom has executed original branded content initiatives with a range of clients including PayPal, Prudential, Shell, MINI, Marriott Hotels, Prudential, Adobe, Land Rover, British Airways, Audi and Mitsubishi. 
Lindsay's work has won numerous awards including two Tellys (GE Capital, Roadshow for Growth), an Adrian by Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association (Renaissance Hotels), Midas for Corporate Image (RFG), Communicator Award of Excellence (Highest Honor) for Integrated Campaign (RFG), 2014 Digiday Finalist for Best Branded Content Campaign, REBRAND 100 Global Award - 2011 (Intelligence Squared U.S.), and was named personally a min Rising Star in 2013. 
SlateCustom programs have attracted press coverage from The New York Times, Digitas, DesignTaxi.com, and broadcast coverage on Bloomberg News and Fox News. 
Prior to Slate, Lindsay co-founded a boutique creative agency and previously developed a live event series into a global television program on Bloomberg TV.

Session Sponsor Speaker: Focus on Video in Native Ads

Michael Rees    
Michael Rees
Vice President - APAC
Michael is the Vice President of Mirriad, which was launched in 2008 with a mission to revolutionize advertising. Its platform provides a solution for brands who are looking to go "native in video". Michael has the exciting task of growing the business in the APAC region. Mirriad deals with major US studios and has worked with top broadcasters in over 20 countries including those in key countries in the Asia/Pacific region. It’s also the chosen native ad solution for Vevo, the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform, whose videos generate over 5.5 billion monthly views globally. 

Matt Wilkinson
Head of Brands

Session Sponsor Speaker: Focus on Technology & Platforms for Native Ads

Motoko Imada
Mediagene Japan

Motoko is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Mediagene, the digital media company Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Office at Infobahn, the digital communication agency. Publisher of GIZMODO Japan, Lifehacker Japan, Kotaku Japan, cafeglobe, MYLOHAS, glitty, Tabroid, and roomie 1991-1998 Dohosha Publishing Inc. Involved in licensed magazines and hard-cover book publishing business, also launched the first part-work publication in Japan. In 1994, launched “WIRED Japan,” the localized version of WIRED, and became its business director. 1998-2009 Infobahn, Inc. Co-founded the digital communication agency called “Infobahn” and became the Co-CEO. 

Infobahn expanded its business opportunities in content marketing solution; such as planning/consulting/producing of owned, earned, and paid media. 2008 - Mediagene, Inc. Based on experiences of media business, Motoko founded the digital media company called “Mediagene” and became CEO. Mediagene runs blog media such as: “GIZMODO Japan,” “lifehacker ” and “kotaku Japan”, and runs female lifestyle media such as “cafeglobe”, “MYLOHAS” and “glitty”. Those are popular and rapidly-growing online publication.

Award l Web Grand Prix Japan 2013 Prize for Web Person
SPEAKER l Speaker of ad:tech Tokyo 2011
Speaker of ad:tech Tokyo 2012
Moderator of ad:tech Tokyo 2013 Won the 3rd prize of most popular session.
Speaker of Publish Asia in Hong Kong 2014

Case Studies & Native Ads Projects

Chris Wee
Head of Strategy
Rev Asia

Christopher heads strategy at REV Asia, Malaysia’s leading digital media group, owning and operation top authority brands with an extensive distribution platform that has a total reach of approximately 14 million people each month. Chris champions campaign strategies that drive content and conversations about brands across social media and other relevant media.
Before the formation of REV Asia, Chris heads strategy at SAYS, a community of over 490,000 Malaysia social media users who work with 80 leading brands to connect with the social media generation. Prior to SAYS, at Pfizer Nutrition, Chris was the product manager for the company's highest grossing product and pioneered the social media transformation strategy. During his marketing studies, he did Malaysia proud when he emerged 3rd in the world in L'ORÉAL's BrandStorm challenge, pitching against marketing teams from 34 other countries worldwide.
His mix of experience from creative strategy, product management and hands on social media marketing guides brands through a holistic journey in connecting with the social media generation.

Session Sponsor Speaker
Jayesh Easwaramony
VP & GM, Asia, Middle East & Africa

Jayesh leads the Asia Pac, Middle East and Africa region for InMobi managing revenue and operations . Prior to this recent elevation, he led business development for InMobi in Asia Pacific. In his two years at InMobi, he has been responsible for the rapid growth of InMobi’s inventory in complex markets like China, Japan, Korea, Australia and southeast Asia through an assiduous mix of partners. Leading a 15 member team, he has worked to partner with a wide array of publishers and developers. In a short span, he has grown InMobi’s revenue size by over five times in the region and also signed critical strategic partnerships with several key ecosystem players. He has also shaped InMobi’s global monetization strategy and publishing business.
Prior to Inmobi, Jayesh worked with Frost and Sullivan as the leader of its TMT practice. He has advised several large companies in the mobile and media space including Samsung, SKT, Axiata and Telkom. He was widely respected for his views on the ICT industry having provided several interviews to CNBC, BBC, Channel news asia and leading publications. He has spoken at several conferences including GMIC, LTE Asia and Carrier Ethernet World. Prior to Frost and Sullivan, Jayesh has worked with Newscorp in India to set-up their pay TV business and other media investments and with the prestigious Tata Group to enter the telecom business. When he is not constantly leveraging his TMT insights to further InMobi’s growth , Jayesh is an avid movie buff and reviewer of Bollywood movies on his blog and dabbles in vegetarian cooking.

Byron Perry
Coconuts Media

Byron Perry founded Coconuts Media with the vision of combining professional journalism with user-generated content and social media to create a better local city website.
The Coconuts.co network of city news websites was launched in 2013 and now runs in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore, receiving over 1.5 million monthly unique visitors.
Coconuts TV is our official Youtube partner channel where we release short news feature videos every week on the wondrous and wacky things happening in Southeast Asia. 
Coconuts has become known for its humorous and fast-paced local coverage and our stories have been picked up by The Wall Street Journal, Gawker, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Time, The Huffington Post, and Channel News Asia. Earlier in his career, Byron worked as a writer and editor for Hollywood trade magazine Variety, local city magazine San Francisco and Cambodia’s The Phnom Penh Post.




Source - Coconut TV

Next Media295x44final
Mo Chung
General Manager, Digital Sales
Next Mobile, Next Media Limited

Mo Chung is the General Manager of Digital Sales at Next Mobile (a fully owned subsidiary of Next Media Group). A position he held since 2012.  He is a seasoned professional with 15 years’ experience in Internet industry.  Prior to Next Mobile, Mo worked in Yahoo and PCCW where he was a sales leader.  Mo also held a regional business development role when he worked in Cisco System.   Today Mo oversees Next Media Group's digital sales revenue, from sales of Apple Daily digital platforms, to Animation and Gaming platforms monetization.       

Next Media295x44final
Carl Craig Cheung
Associate Creative Director
Apple Daily, Next Media Limited

Craig joined Apple Daily's online video news channel in 2013 to develop both feature stories and native advertising. He help created the "mini-documentary" format which is well received by viewers. He's also responsible for experimentation with sponsored-content, a new relatively area with promising business potential.




Native Ad projects worked on by Next Media
Source - Next Media Limited
• Arctic Marathon sponsored by Canon, this won the Silver Awards from Digital Media Awards by WAN-IRA in 2013 - http://bit.ly/1q3YObJ 
• Two Travel Australia series:


Yahoo logo
Alan Soon
Managing Editor
South East Asia, Yahoo

Alan Soon is a media veteran with about 20 years in the news industry, first as a journalist and second as a recognizable editorial leader. He is currently the Southeast Asia Managing Editor at Yahoo, where he leads the editorial teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Alan is passionate in helping to shape the future of the news industry. He built his career in journalism at influential news agencies such as Bloomberg and CNBC. 
Having worked in online media, TV, radio, newswires and magazines, he wields a deep knowledge of the ins and outs of traditional and digital newsrooms and is a change agent for their integration. He has a solid understanding of newsroom operations and a proven leadership ability to transform news organizations in an evolving digital age. Alan is also a recognized thought leader and trainer in the online industry, with regular speaking engagements at media conferences on key topics such as newsroom innovation, content marketing and social media. He has a deep understanding of online content strategy, partnerships, as well as the use of social media and other tools in modern journalism. Alan is also an aspiring coder and photographer.

Technology Sponsor Speaker
Vikas shadow
Vikas Kakkar
Head - International Sales Strategy
Vikas drives International Business Expansion initiatives at Knowlarity and is responsible for revenue growth from new and existing markets. 
Vikas has worked extensively in Enterprise & channel development in telecom, specially handling large enterprises for developing customized voice solutions, implementing and client servicing. Also, he had developed expertise in new roll out/expansions including market mapping, strategy enveloping, and roll out, franchisee network / retail network building and launching of services.

Charles Ho
Senior VP & GM Asia Pacific


As the Senior Vice President and GM of Asia Pacific, Charles Ho is responsible for driving the company's business growth in the region and enabling partners and customers to build a profitable sustainable business using Cxense' solutions.Charles has over 20 years of sales experience and has held various management roles for start-ups and global companies across the Asia Pacific region; specialising in channel and business development, sales and general management.  Prior to Cxense, Charles was the Director for Microsoft (Asia Pacific) and was instrumental in establishing a stronger market share and yearly revenue growth for its digital marketing platform business.Charles holds a BSc of Computer Science and Information Technology from Murdoch University in Australia. 

Conference Chairman: 

James A. Neufeld
Founder & CEO

James A. Neufeld  is the Founder & CEO of SAM, a startup which is powering Social Media Search, Curation and Storytelling for the media industry's largest brands - such as Financial Times, Press Association & TV2. Prior to starting SAM, James served as a creative technologist disguised in various marketing and product management roles for some of the most innovative broadcast and media tech companies around the world. James is known for his hands on role in many social TV and new media implementations; spending time deep in the trenches with social media producers and doers, pushing the envelop across broadcast and publishing platforms.


For Sponsorship opportunities with speaking session, please contact us at russell@asher-russell.com  

Join Industry Peers and Listen to Global Experts from the Industry



We wish to thank all our Sponsors and Exhibitor for your support and particpation.
Session Sponsor:
Mirriad - Advertising for the skip generation
Launched in 2008 with a mission to revolutionize advertising,  Mirriad’s patented computer vision technology creates a new standard in advertising where a brand integration is an affordable, scalable ad unit running in multiple pieces of content. The resulting ads are seamless, authentic, and work across all three screens. In 2013, an important aspect of our imaging technology won an Academy Award.
Mirriad has deals with major US studios and has worked with top broadcasters in over 20 countries.  It’s also the chosen native ad solution for Vevo, the world’s leading all-premium music video and entertainment platform, whose videos generate over 5.5 billion monthly views globally.  Mirriad has offices in London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, São Paulo, Miami and new offices opening in Singapore.

Session Sponsor:
Cxense (pronounced “see-sense”) helps businesses succeed in a digital world. Using audience data and advanced real-time analytics, Cxense creates hyper-relevant content recommendations, targeted advertising and predictive search that help increase digital revenue for publishers, and provide users with a better experience. By capitalizing on Big Data to match user preferences and create unprecedented personalization online, publishers gain more engaged and loyal readers, higher advertising revenue and increased digital subscribership. Cxense is a global company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices worldwide. Customers include AEON Group, Aller Media, Alma Media, Amedia, Archant, A. H. Belo Corporation, Bonnier, Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal, El Comercio, The Economist, Egmont, Eniro, Globo, Grupo Clarin, Local World, Morris Communications, MTG, Naspers, Nippon Television, Polaris Media, Rakuten, Grupo RBS, Ringier, Schibsted, Summit Media, Tamedia, VOYAGE GROUP and Yomiuri. Cxense is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with the ticker CXENSE. More information at www.cxense.com or follow us on Twitter @Cxense.

Session Sponsor:
 inmobi web
Founded in 2007, InMobi enables the world’s leading brands, developers, and publishers to engage global consumers through mobile advertising. InMobi platforms leverage advances in big data, user behavior, and cloud-based architectures to simplify mobile advertising for its customers. Recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Disruptive Companies of 2013, InMobi is the world's largest independent mobile ad network, engaging 872 million consumers across 165 countries.

Technology Session Sponsor:
Knowlarity is India’s largest cloud telephony company. Funded by Sequoia Capital and Mayfield, the company has grown by leaps and bounds since it's inception in 2009, powering more than 6,500 businesses in India and abroad. Flagship products - SuperReceptionist and SmartIVR, can process over a million calls an hour. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has presence in 65 countries. www.knowlarity.com
Day 1 Evening Cocktail Sponsor:
Mynewsdesk is the world’s leading all-in-one brand newsroom and multimedia PR platform. Over 5,000 brands as diverse as Costa Coffee, Volkswagen, Canon, UNICEF, Changi Airport and SMRT use their Mynewsdesk newsrooms to publish and distribute their content, achieve greater visibility across search and social media, connect with key influencers, and tell their stories.

PocketMath is the world's largest, self-serve, mobile advertising platform for buying programmatic inventory. We make it easy to buy smartphone + tablet ad impressions, within apps, games, and mobile websites, all in real-time. PocketMath is located in San Francisco + Singapore, with a burgeoning presence in Australia, India and China.

Event Partner:
Samdesk Inc 
SAM is an online platform that makes Social Media Search, Curation & Storytelling easy for journalists and newsrooms. Find better UCG, keep track of it, and tell powerful and meaningful stories with with content created by the wonderful people of earth. 

Sponsor and Exhibit at this event. Be in front of the right crowd and get direct access to professionals in the ecosystem of digital media, online content and media and brands. With branding, you get an excellent exposure to a targeted audience and marketplace.
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  The Digital + Direct Marketing                    CMO Asia                      Indonesian Digital Association
  Association Asia 

  Media Partners: 
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To join us as Media Partner, please email us at deborah@asher-russell.com 



Native Advertising opens up many new opportunties for the whole digital advertising ecosystem and its various stakeholders:

♦  Publishers & Broadcasters - as a new business model and revenue stream. Also, Native Advertising provides the opportunity to monetize the publishers editorial content and would lead to enhanced journalism works.
♦  Brands - innovative ways and opportunities ahead for captive attention from consumers, better engagement and relationship building based on relevance and content that matter to the prospects. Also, an opportunity for brand and social lift and message syndication.
♦  Social Media Network Platforms - new advertising products and opportunities to work with brands.
♦  Advertising Agencies - creating new and creative content with great editorial inputs and media opportunities.
♦  Technology Enablers & Platform Providers - new opportunities to distribute native ads, explore new frontiers in creative distribution and scaling native ads campaigns, collaborating with brands and advertisers.
♦  Online and Mobile Adverisers and Marketers - as mobile is the fastest growing in Asia, this brings new opportunities for mobile first approach to native ads campaigns. 
♦  Analytics Providers - more opportunities for measuring effectiveness of native ads campaigns and work with publishers, brands and advertisers

This Summit will benefit these industries and professionals:
- Digital Media and News Publishers, Digital Newspapers
- Online Media and Magazines
- Brands & Advertisers
- Mobile and Online Advertisers, Mobile Marketers
- Mobile Marketing Solutions Providers
- Technology providers (Social Platforms, Analytics & Measurement, Advertising Platforms)
- Ad & Creative Agencies

Audience profile from above industries/sectors - CEO, MD, Editor, Advertising Head, Editorial Creative Head, Marketing Director & Advertising Sales Dept Head, Head Editor, Editor in Chief, News Design Director, Creative News and Media Heads, CMOs and Marketing Directors, Head of Business Development and Marketing Communications Director, COOs, Commercial Directors, Brand Managers and Heads of Products, Product Development Directors / Managers, Head of Advertising, Mobile Marketing Director, Online News Content Director, Chief Strategy Officers and Directors, Head of Digital News, Head of Editorial Content, Sales & Marketing Directors, Brand Content Strategy Directors, Advertising MD, PR Communications Director, Head of Magazine Content and Design, Social Media Managers, Head of Social Media Marketing.



Register & Venue

Registration is now closed.

Address: 1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593
(LEVEL 3) - Conference Rooms: 328 & 329 
Registration begins: 14 October 2014 (Tuesday) 7:50 AM - 8:50 AM at pre-foyer
Conference starts at 8:50 AM sharp.
*To all speakers and participants: Please bring along your business card and attach it to your onsite form to present at registration counter for verification and for collecting your badge and folder. 
Register early to benefit from savings!


Note: This conference is specially crafted towards the information and networking benefit of the News/Media/ Editorial/Journalism Industry, Advertisrs, Brands, Social Marketers, Mobile Marketers and Mobile Advertisers, Technology and Platform Enablers, and all relevant stakeholders. As such, to attend this 2 day conference, all interested participants are required to register as paying delegates to attend the 2 day sessions and to have access to the proceedings and presentations slides.

**I have read and agree to the (1) Fees as stated here (2) the terms and conditions stated below, and by way registering online, I hereby confirm my registration to attend as a paid delegate.

Terms & Conditions- To serve you well and to ensure clarity for all transactions, please kindly read these binding terms and conditions for agreement. Thank you.
(1) Registration Fees will cover the 2 days onsite proceedings, coffee breaks and lunches. *It does not cover travel related costs nor hotel accommodation.
(2) Fees are effective if payment is made within the specified dates as stated in the Fee table.
(3) Group discounts - (Teams of 3 from the same company will enjoy a 10% discount off the fee. Teams of 4 to 6 enjoy a 15% off). For bigger groups, please write in to reg@asher-asher-russell.com.  
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(8) For Academia, (Students and Lecturers) from an Institution, must register through your Institution. Also, you must be currently enrolled with the Institution when registering for the event.
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Thank you for your due attention to these details above. Its is our pleasure to do our best to serve you and to assist wherever possible.
Thanks in advance for your kind support and your participation and look forward to meeting you at the conference.



Unlocking the true potential of Native Advertising 

 We recently asked our speakers about their views on the following issues:

Question 1: What do you think are the true driving force and potential of native ads? 

Vishnu Mohan, CEO, Havas Media Group Asia Pacific
Native advertising is almost like product placement reborn. It offers greater contextual engagement and hence greater brand engagement than normal advertising. For media owners it means increased revenue creation opportunities. 
Keith Hernandez, VP of Global Advertising, Buzzfeed
We are just at the beginning of native. Think back to the early days of radio, where the brand spots were simply reading of old billboard. Then to TV…where it was a radio spot on camera. Display is more or less a digital print ad. We have embarked on something new, original and finally natural to the experience of the internet. The driving force is the audience and what they care about, respond well to. If they enjoy it and get value out of it, the potential is limitless. 
Joy Robins, Vice President Advertising & Strategy, Quartz (Publisher of Atlantic Media)
Native advertising has flourished quickly as a response to the poor performance of standard banner ads and the success of in-stream ads in social media.  Brands realize they have stories to tell and see an opportunity when it comes to putting those stories in front of readers in a more organic way.

Question 2:What are the key ingredients for a successful native ad product in your 

Vishnu Mohan, CEO, Havas Media Group Asia Pacific
Flawlessly authentic and truly relevant
Keith Hernandez, VP of Global Advertising, Buzzfeed
The key ingredient is being true to your platform. Google search is a native ad product at its essence: humans searching for an answer. If a brands page is the most pertinent, you as an advertiser have actually added value. Native is not an intrusive experience, it's inclusive. It's integral that native leaves you with more, whether that be the key piece of information or an entertaining story, it needs to be what you were seeking at the time. 

Question 3: Are native ads better for the bigger brands only?

Vishnu Mohan, CEO, Havas Media Group Asia Pacific
There is no such thing as a better advertising platform for big brands. If you are using a native ad to grow the category or change category perception, then category leaders will see the greatest benefit from them. They could be used however for 'new' brands with a new usage occasion - something that you want to create a change in behaviour without the brand 'getting in the way'.
Keith Hernandez, VP of Global Advertising, Buzzfeed
No, it can be done right for all brands; they just need to find the right platform for their message. We all don't talk the same on Twitter or Tumblr as we do on our LinkedIn profile (at least I hope we don't!) so brands need to tailor their message accordingly. There are avenues for all brands; key is to find the right now. 
Joy Robins, Vice President Advertising & Strategy, Quartz (Publisher of Atlantic Media)
High quality content that is clearly labeled and easily discoverable by the reader.
James Neufeld, Founder & CEO, SAM
Not at all. In fact, it might be the opposite. Native ads will allow the smart smaller brands to make a voice for themselves, build a following and set themselves apart. 

Question 4: How to implement native ad effectively in the short term? ….Your opinion?

Keith Hernandez, VP of Global Advertising, Buzzfeed
Be human. Ask yourself: If I wasn't being paid to work on this, would I share it? If not, quit. Native is not a place where forced messages succeed. 
Joy Robins, Vice President Advertising & Strategy, Quartz (Publisher of Atlantic Media)
Make sure you work with publishers who are ready and willing to work in a consultative manner when it comes to helping you understand what type of content and formats are most effective when it comes to engaging their readers. Native content pieces should be discoverable, able to be shared and optimized for all platforms.  It is important for brands to promote these native pieces through their social extensions cross all platforms as well as consider a content amplification strategy to maximize exposure.
James Neufeld, Founder & CEO, SAM
I’ll leave this for the real pro’s. I can however speak a little to what we do as a small company. We tend to look at Twitter campaigns as a form of native adverting. Running a pure advert doesn’t really help us. What works well is promoting timely relevant Tweets that speak to what our customers might find relevant at that time. For example, we power a lot of breaking news workflows, so we promote Tweets that show how our users can track the news event using SAM. This helps existing users and shows non-users how they can gain an advantage with our product in that specific news cycle.

Question 5: Are native ads better for the bigger brands only?

Joy Robins, Vice President Advertising & Strategy, Quartz (Publisher of Atlantic Media)
Native advertising is for any brand that wants to get their story in front of their target audience on the digital platforms that they spend so much of their time with. 

Question 6: Any additional comments / advice?

Joy Robins, Vice President Advertising & Strategy, Quartz (Publisher of Atlantic Media)
Before pursuing a native content execution make sure you understand what you are looking to achieve and what key performance indicators against which you will measure your campaign.  Ask the publisher with whom you are partnering to explain the strategy they recommend in order to be successful against your goals and understand what type of performance you should anticipate against those KPIs based on their past experience.

Brands and the Newsroom, Publishers and Journalists, PR & Ad Agencies - Who will take the lead?

- CONTENT STRATEGY: Native Ads will depend a lot on human factors (Editorial control for quality and output) while driving it to scale. How best can the Brand Newsroom produce quality content and bring it to scale, much like the newspapers and digital news do it and ensuring the content is as high in quality to editorial & publishing, journalism works. How to ensure a consistent and ample supply of relevant content of great relevance and value to its audiences. Do Brands now need to hire Journalists or PR companies in order to bring up the quality of journalism work?  For Native Advertising to succeed, its all about the content, originality and relevance to your audience. For Publishers, do you need to assign a dedicated "brands newsroom" and have creative team or editorial team work in this focused department? How will the competition pan out for PR firms and Ad agencies in Native Ad media buys?

- FEED & DISTRIBUTION: As the key distribution mechanism, organizing, operationalizing, and managing feed is crucial for the distribution of Native Ads. How best can you distribute your content across campaigns, various audiences and markets (region or demographics), and even for different products efficiently and effectively is crucial. The choice of the right partners and Publishers who are best in these management and distribution can make or break your Native Ad campaigns. The platform chosen and its capability will determine how well your Native Ad campaign will go and is driven through the markets.

- WHO CONTROLS EDITORIAL?: Editorial control vs. programmatic Native Ad network is a key thing. Will Publishers subject their content to ad streams who control the brand content selection? What kind of workflow is needed to ensure the Publisher's brand remains intact and respected, while content is still being enabled to be shared on scale?  

- NATIVE AD PUBLISHING: Manual vs. integrated CMS is anothre key thing. What is the best way to ensure both scalable distribution (for Brand's benefit) and (better backend integration on CMS for scalability (for Publishers' benefit) exist in the strategy operations?




Thanks for your participation and valuable contributions.
The Summit was interesting, inspiring and impactful. Two exciting days of high value content sessions, panel discussions and strategic discussions
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Native Advertising Summit 2014 Rating: 5.0 out of 5
Review By: Asher Russell Pte Ltd
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